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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Since we receive numerous inquiries every day requesting samples of our products for quality evaluation purposes, we have devised a policy to offer samples on request.

A- We do not stock or store any products, all the products are made to order therefore we require minimum 15 working days to supply the sample/s order requested.

However if we already have samples ready for certain products, they can be shipped after receiving the sample payment + shipping cost  in our business account, Once the payment is received the sample/s order will be shipped the same day by courier, and we shall also send you the digital image of the products before shipping as a proof.

If it is even one piece or pair, we shall entertain each and every inquiry on its turn. Therefore we shall appreciate your patience to wait for the requested samples.

B- Generally, All the samples are shipped to customers’ courier accounts against the payment of the sample product/s. The sample/s payment can be transferred by using in our company business account, or Western Union, Money Gram, whichever is convenient to you. We do not ship free samples. In case a customer do not have a courier account number he/she can request the sample by paying for the sample/s cost and the freight charges as well to our business account using or Western Union, Money Gram whichever is convenient.

The minimum order quantity or the initial test order for any product is 25 Pieces/Pairs per size per color. On special request we can produce two sizes and colors instead of one size and color.

We generally require 3 to 4 four weeks to complete your order however the order completion time depends on the quantity of your order. You will be informed about the exact completion time of your order beforehand. After the order is completed it generally takes approximately one week for the shipment to reach destination by air. By sea the delivery time is approximately 25 days. In certain cases it might take 30 to 45 days by sea as well.

We accept advance payment through wire transfer in our company bank account .Other Options Transfers through Western Union or Money Gram are also acceptable for small orders and sample orders.

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